She is your friend, she is always with you and have your back even if she is sometimes telling you weird stuff. She never leaves you alone, she is just there. Start being friend with yourself and start working on loving yourself. It is time to start loving yourself and have some fun being you. This is a drawing that I made using a beautiful photograph of a beautiful girl with big eyes and a sunny smile. I haven’t work on custom portraits lately, maybe it is time.

Ella es tu amiga, siempre está contigo y te respalda, incluso si a veces te dice cosas raras. Ella nunca te deja sola, solo está allí. Comienza a ser tu amiga y comienza a trabajar en amarte a ti misma. Divertirte siendo tú mismo. Este es un dibujo que hice usando una hermosa fotografía de una nena hermosa de ojos grandes y sonrisa de sol. No he trabajado en retratos personalizados últimamente, tal vez es hora.

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