Sometimes we believe our own stories, we believe that we are someone who is not and we try to keep those absurd masks without even knowing why. It is time to know us, to like and accept ourselves as we are. It is only after you look inside and reconcile with yourself that you will be able to go out into the world and shine with your own light. If everyone is going in one direction, you can decide where you want to go. Love yourself, accept yourself and take off the masks… And if a blank canvas remains it will be a wonderful opportunity to decide who you want to be!

Algunas veces nos creemos nuestras propias historias, creemos que somos alguien que no es e intentamos mantener esas mascaras absurdas sin saber siquiera porque. Es hora de conocernos, de gustarnos y aceptarnos tal como somos. Solo después de que miras adentro y te reconcilias contigo misma es cuando lograras salir al mundo y brillar por tu luz propia. Si todos van en una dirección, tu decide hacia donde quieres ir. Amate, aceptate y quítate las mascaras de quien ya no eres. Y si queda un lienzo en blanco sera una maravillosa oportunidad para decidir quien quieres ser!

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