I sail foreign seas, winters full of colors, and told silences. I have traveled secret bays and oceans and I am still here. I choose the colors of the seas that I cross and I imagine adventures of fairies and loves. If you cannot find coherence in my words, it is because you have not ventured to understand yours. The world continues to rotate and I dare to inspire others from my private universe to dream. Today is a good day to think of thousands of impossible things. Alice would be happy!

Navego mares tardíos, inviernos de colores y silencios pronunciados. He recorrido bahías y océanos secretos y sigo aquí. Elijo los colores de los mares que recorro y me imagino aventuras de hadas y amores. Si no encuentras coherencia en mis palabras es porque no te has aventurado a a entender las tuyas. El mundo sigue girando y yo desde mi universo privado me atrevo a inspirar a otros a soñar. Hoy es un buen día para pensar en miles de cosas imposibles. Alicia estaría feliz!

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