54 Star Procreate Stamp Brushes | Digital Stars Brush Pack M020


$3.80 $3.23

Streamline and enrich your creative process using this set of 54 Star Procreate Stamp Brushes. Drawing stars has never been easier. Just use these brushes by tapping on the screen in the color of your choice and you’re done.


What’s Included:

  • 54 different types of stars, including twinkling stars, lucky stars, stars with rounded edges and more. You will receive the star set in .brushes format which will install the brush set directly into your procreate application as a brush collection.
  • 1 PDF How to use Stamp Brushes Guide

I have included in this wonderful set my favorite doodle stars and blinking stars that you see in my illustrations. Now you can become the artist you dream to be with the help of this tool. Learn how to use this

amazing tool and create your own illustrations using Procreate and your apple pencil.

Who is this Star Brush Set for:

I love creating brush sets for people who are just starting to use procreate and want to speed up or improve the quality of their drawings. You don’t need to be a drawing expert when you can learn to capitalize on the use of procreate tools like this 54 Star Procreate Stamp Brushes.

The universe is the limit of your imagination, expand the power of your creativity using tools that make the process of drawing easy and fun. Drawing with your iPad can be anything from a fun hobby to your full-time job. If you want to improve your digital illustration, this star brush set is for you. Discover the magic behind stamp brushes. With these stamps, you can quickly draw a galaxy or a bright night of stars just by touching the screen with your apple pencil.

How To Install Stamp Brushes In Procreate:

Follow this steps to import brushes directly into Procreate.

1. Tap the + button to create a new brush.

2. Find and tap the Import button at the top right corner to import a brush from the Files App. 

3. The brush will appear in the Brush Library.


If you want to watch me drawing and using stamp brushes you can visit my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/MariapalitoStudio1.

You do not have authorization to alter or resell these brushes. They cannot be modified for any redistribution in any form. It will take your work to another level because it will save you time and make it super fun.

Please note that these will only work for the Procreate app on iPad and iPhone.

54 Star Procreate Stamp Brushes | Digital Stars Brush Pack M020

$3.80 $3.23