Living a creative life is a lifestyle matter. It is not about waking up creative today and not tomorrow. It is about looking for inspiration to make our beautiful and express ourselves through lines and color. Since I was a child I wanted to be an artist and it has been a wonderful and exciting journey. Every day I practice drawing in different media from a simple sheet of paper to my iPad. Here you can see some of my most recent videos and you can subscribe to my channel to receive notifications when I publish a new video. Thanks!

Adult Digital Coloring Book

Self-Love Digital Coloring Book for Ipad. Digital Coloring to slowdown your mind and fade your inner dialog. Helps to relax and reduce anxiety
Slow down your brain and start focusing on Yourself. #Digitalcoloring #digitalillustration #digitalpainting

Chibi Doll Illustration

Chibi Doll Illustration. Drawing a cute little doll using Procreate and Ipad. #DigitaDrawing #digitalillustration

How to Draw a Dotted Line

Digital Drawing: How to Draw a Dotted Line Digital Drawing using a regular Brush. You don't need a fancy brush to create a dotted line. #Digitalcoloring #digitalillustration #digitalpainting

Digital Illustration Steps

Digital Illustration Steps. My creative process to digitally illustrate cute characters. #DigitalDrawing #digitalillustration

Draw With Me: Cute Bear Illustration

Digital Illustration: Draw with me a Cute Bear.  #Digitaldrawing #digitalillustration #digitalpainting

5 Benefits of Coloring

5 Benefits of Coloring for Adults. Learn how you can use your iPad to enjoy digital coloring and slow down your day. #Adultcoloring #coloringbook #digitalcoloringbook