12 SMOOTH INKING Procreate Brushes, Lineart Outline M042

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When you have a great sketch in procreate the next step is inking. Inking is very fun and useful for any digital illustration. I love to use flat and textured brushes to ink my sketches. And these brushes were created to outline drawings on your iPad.

Drawing on your Ipad will be more fun with these brushes because you can use them for many things, you can ink, outline, create details and draw letters (Lettering). Outlining is very important for every digital design and is a good start for an artwork.

You can use outlining with lines of different thicknesses. They are perfect to start creating your base collection of brushes and tools for procreate.

12 Procreate ink brushes: 

– Smooth Inking
– Deep Pressure Brush
– Boli Basic Line
– Gradient Square Brush
– Texture Ink Brush
– Pointy Textured Line
– Deep Ink Brush
– Inky Textured Brush
– Light Opacity Stroke
– Ink Marker
– Marty Square Pointy
– Flat Inker Brush


1. When you finish purchasing the listing, you will receive a confirmation email including the link to download the files of the product you ordered.

2. Click “Download Files” then “Download”

3. Unzip the files open on your iPad….or upload the files via Dropbox, or Airdrop download and open on your iPad.

4. Select “Open in Procreate” or “Copy to Procreate”.

5. You can start inking.


We’ve been illustrating for over 15 years and selling on Etsy since 2010. MariaPalito created these brushes for her own work, initially, but now they are available for everyone to use and enjoy. With these brushes, you can create amazing digital drawings that will be sure to catch the attention of anyone who sees them. All of our products are made with care and love, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality when you buy them.

All rights remain with @MariapalitoStudio
– Do not resell any of the items from Mariapalitostudio on the web.
– This is a digital product; you will not get any physical item.
– All images and products are created by MariaPalitostudio.


  1. Julie Carlson

    WOW! I’m so happy I purchased these brushes! They are fantastic for lining my work and for creating big and small details. So far, my favorites are the boli basic line brush and the gradient square brush. There are a few texture brushes included. These are nice too.

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