Blooming + Cozy Girl Digital Coloring Book Bundle M008

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Calm your brain and focus your mind with this digital coloring book bundle for the ipad. 2 whimsical coloring books. Including 32 completely hand-drawn pages.

Expand your creativity and explore new techniques with these two books for the ipad using procreate app. One of the book is a Self-Love theme book that includes “Calming Nature Drawings” and “Cute Chreatures”. The other one is a Relaxing Space book that includes “chibi dolls” and “chreatures in the space”. Each of them has a different color palette to give you more options for your coloring.

WHAT IS INCLUDED —————————————————
– 2 x whimsical coloring books. Including 32 completely hand-drawn pages. Transparent png files so you can actually color in a separate layer underneath the designs. This is a zip File.
– Instructions
– 2 x PDF file for easy printing
– 2 x Procreate Color Palette for your reference.

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If you are very stressed and you are looking for a tool that allows you to connect with your inner self, this coloring book is perfect for you. This Adult coloring book is full of magical scenes that will help you immerse yourself in a special moment of relaxation and wellbeing. Mental health is as important to our well-being and development as it is to eat healthy food or sleep the necessary hours.

Connect with your inner self and disconnect from worries or social Media. This will be a sweet and calm moment for you. You can paint from anywhere using your iPad or by printing the book on white card stock. No matter what medium you decide to use to color it, it will be a beautiful moment that you can give yourself.

This is a 16 Page digital coloring book for you to use with your iPad as a Digital Coloring book or to Print and color with traditional media like crayons, markers, and more.

Let the forest and the Magical girl illustrations enchant your life, bring colors to your life, and connect with the forest and nature. Anxiety and Mental Health issues are something we all have to deal with. Enjoy this anxiety relief Self Love Coloring Book. I designed this book for myself because I needed something to soothe my inner dialog and keep me calm. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.

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4. Select “Open in Procreate” or “Copy to Procreate”.
5. You can start coloring your book.

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