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This digital planner is a creative and self-reflection tool that can help you keep your daily tasks in order while becoming the best version of yourself. You are much more than what your to+do list into a flying sheet of paper. When you begin to have a close relationship with your dreams and your priorities, you can really move towards what you want.

Allow yourself to transform into an organized person with an easy system that really will help you organize your appointments and daily tasks. Forget about paper planners and transform your iPad into a support center for you. This is not just a calendar and planner. It is a system that allows you to align your priorities and goals with your daily tasks without losing order while having fun using your iPad.


✔ Undated Planner to use any year from now to the future.

✔ Index Page Hyperlinked to the most important pages.

✔ Monday Start Planner

✔ Yearly Calendar with hyperlinks to weekly planners

✔ Yearly overview page with hyperlinks

✔ Yearly Vision and Goals with hyperlinks

✔ Monthly overview with hyperlinks

✔ Monthly Review + reflection with hyperlinks

✔ Weekly overview pages with hyperlinks

✔ Weekly Schedule Template to insert.

✔ Daily Self-care Checking Template

✔ Daily Journal Template

✔ 5 Goal Planner with action step list

✔ Notebook Template with 4 styles available ( Ruled, dotted, square, and blank)

It’s time to focus on what you really want and not let time slip through your fingers. Have you ever felt like your day is over and you really don’t know if you’ve made progress on your priorities? Don’t stop your life because of clutter. Begin to move in the direction that your heart dreams so much.

♥ Benefits:

– Flexibility: You can have the flexibility to separate the different areas of your life while having everything in one place.
– Paperless and Minimal: Reduce the clutter in your home by minimizing the use of paper planners, and help the planet by having everything on your device. It’s time to move to a paperless system that allows you to do more than remember your appointments, that allows you to connect with your priorities and dreams.
– Save Money: Stop spending money on paper planners that will end up halfway in a corner of your house.
– Light Weight: You don’t need to carry many notebooks, journals, folders, or planners. You can have everything in one lightweight device.
– Slow down: Take small breaks during your day to reflect on what you want to achieve, how you feel, and to be creative. Allow yourself to see your life as a whole and set your true priorities.
– Mindfulness and self-care: Living is not just about surviving and going on autopilot. We are beings with constant thoughts and feelings. Connect with your needs, emotions, desires, and dreams. Allow yourself to schedule spaces to explore what you feel and to visualize what you want to achieve.
– Personalization: You can make it your own by adding digital stickers, pictures, and your own handwriting using the apple pencil.


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