31 Day Self-Love Digital MONTHLY Journal M027



Self-love is not achieved through random acts. This digital journal is a guided tool towards self-love in an easy and chewy way. Commit to connecting, loving, and respecting yourself more by using this GoodNotes Darkmode Digital Self-Reflection Journal.

Self-Love 31 day Guided Digital Journal. It includes:

– Guided + Illustrated Digital Journal with Hyperlinked Pages
– Dark Mode Lag-Free Digital Journal
– Morning and Evening Routine Builder
– 4 style Brain Dump Notebooks
– 50 Page Guided Illustrated Journal
– Undated Journal, you can start it any day of the year
– You will receive a hyperlinked PDF file ready to install on your planning app.

It’s very easy to use, lightweight, minimalistic and lag-free. The dark mode is perfect to use at night and avoids excessive brightness of your device which won’t bother you before going to sleep.

Self-love is not just having a morning routine and a hot tea in the afternoon. Self-love is a combination of small daily actions to start appreciating ourselves. Self-love is a daily practice, it is recognizing what we do well and having personal spaces to decode what we feel.