Overcoming the Fear Of The Blank Page, Message for Begginer Artists & Creators

It all starts with that small step where you dare to go beyond the places you are used to. It doesn’t matter if the step is small, but sometimes it feels as if you are traveling through a new universe just by taking a small step forward.

What’s the fear of the empty page?

Fear of the blank page is often referred to as artist’s block. It is that fear or feeling of anxiety or dread when faced with a blank page or canvas and the pressure to create something.

Writers and artists often face the fear of the empty page – the feeling of being overwhelmed by a blank canvas that needs to be filled with words, drawings or a painting.

Is the fear of the empty page just for artists?

I think this fear is not exclusive to artists or writers. I have felt the same fear before starting a new project. It’s that moment when we fear and doubt our talent or ability to finish a new piece of art, an article or just a drawing. This fear can be paralyzing and prevent artists from starting their projects.

How to Overcoming the Fear Of The Blank Page?

  1. BRIINSTORM: One of the best ways to get over the fear of the blank page is to start with a brainstorm. Take some time to think about the topics or ideas that you want to draw about. Write down any ideas that come to mind, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. This will help you to get your creative juices flowing and give you some direction for your creative process.
  2. ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE? When you don’t know what to do, ask yourself what you want to achieve right with the project. When you stop to think for a moment about the purpose of what you want to achieve and how you want it to look, you are allowing your imagination to start turning and become active, chasing away the fear of the blank page.
  3. LOOSE SKETCHES: Let go of the hand and the fear. Allow yourself to flow with a blank page, before using the final page take a different page and make just a few sketches. Let yourself flow and have fun for a few minutes. This will remind you that your art doesn’t have to be perfect and that you can have fun sketching in the paper…… This will help you turn your back on fear.
  4. GO FOR A WALK: Go for a walk. It can be a short walk, not in a hurry and just for the pleasure of enjoying being outdoors, away from the paper that scares you so much. When you come back, all the ghosts will have disappeared and you will be ready to start.
  5. TAKE A SHOWER: Water is fantastic to keep fear away from us. When you are afraid to create take a cold shower and you will be ready to face any fear. The cold water will reset your body and help you to get the energy flowing in you. You will feel refreshed and ready to begin your next artistic adventure.

I hope these tips will help you feel better when you are afraid of the blank page. We’ve all felt creative fear at some point and we know it’s not easy but you don’t need to be paralyzed by it either. Dare to continue your artistic process and walk in places you haven’t been before.

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