We live in a fast-paced world, sometimes we don’t stop to enjoy the road. No matter where you want to go, you will not get there faster by shortcuts. The road is full of subtle details and you are missing them. You can always decide how you want to live and I have decided to fill my path with nature, calm down music, and vibrant colors.
I created a Procreate Coloring Book for people to enjoy slowing down and creativity. 

I still remember that coloring was my favorite activity when I was a child. I find it magical to add colors and create your own world from a coloring page. You decide the mood and the colors that your existence takes. I feel like there is something deeper in just adding the colors. They are not just colors, it is the expression of your soul on a piece of paper.

I created a YouTube channel where I combine my work as a freelance illustrator and my desire to live a more peaceful life, without anxiety and full of color.

In this video, I am using Procreate to color one of the pages in my new digital book. Cozy Girl Slowdown Coloring Book.

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